French Angora & Fuzzy Lop

February 12, 2018


Since I brought Skipper home I have been looking for another rabbit friend for Skipper. In the wild rabbits live in warrens (communities underground), and knowing this it has been difficult for me to know he is a loner out there in his cage.

I contacted Gail, where I purchased Skipper, but she doesn’t have anything until March. And I contacted another giant Angora breeder in eastern Washington but since winters are cold over there she had to wait to breed them, so the babies had a better chance of survival. Thus, I have been perusing craigslist to find an Angora that looks healthy and maybe a bit older than Skipper.

Well I finally found one from a lady out in Gold Bar who is downsizing her rabbitry for a move. Her main priority was trying to keep the French Angora and the Fuzzy Lop together because they have bonded and splitting them would be tough. That’s when she gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. If I bring home both rabbits they will be free. Luckily, I have two more cages available, all I need to do is purchase feeding bowls and water drips.

The French Angora is named Cinnabun probably because she has chestnut colored wool. (No pics yet)

The Fuzzy Lop is named Fuzz. I have heard that you can shear fuzzy lops as well but we’ll see. I’m worried she won’t have a chill temperament that allows me to shear her.

I’ll be picking up these ladies this coming Thursday. I’m not sure if you need to keep rabbits separated when you first bring them to your property but I will be doing that. Rabbits get stressed easy and if the newbie’s are carrying something it will have a chance to take hold during travel. If I put them directly in with Skipper, he might get sick too. And we definitely don’t want that. I still have the original rabbitry set up so the ladies will go in there for a few weeks before they can be moved over to the greenhouse.

Can’t wait to bring these girls home, Skipper will be happy having friends outside with him, and he might be overly excited that they are lady rabbits. Which brings up breeding, I’m not entirely sure if I want to breed these ladies.  Especially, Cinnabun because she comes from a litter of 12. And that is a bit more than I can handle right now. We’ll see what happens, no matter what I will take care of these guys to the best of my abilities.

Happy Crafting!


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