Accidental Breakfast

February 6, 2018

Making Chia Breakfast
Ingredients: Kiwi, Brown Sugar, Salt, Almond Milk

I thought I would be adventurous and do a food post. By no means am I a chef or fancy cook, but I do enjoy making easy dinners with food that is around the house.

It started when I found a bag of black seeds in the cupboard. They looked like chia seeds and we needed some breakfast options. Viola let’s make chia breakfast! You just add ingredients you like and then throw in chia seeds and milk.

Poppy seed breakfast
Add ingredients and then milk

By morning the chia seeds absorb the milk and you have a yogurt type breakfast.


Those black seeds were not chia seeds, they were poppy seeds. Poppy seeds don’t absorb anything. They just sit there. So by morning I had a sweet milk with poppy seeds. Since I wasn’t about to throw out some delicious kiwis’s I just used the milk on some cereal.

Poppy Seed
Still using those kiwis!

All in all it was pretty good, next time I would maybe use less poppy seeds. Or maybe I could actually make it correctly with chia seeds. But I never eat all of the chia seed breakfast, and I definitely ate this up, so maybe it was one of those happy little accidents that prove to be better than the original.

Happy Crafting!


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