Skipper’s Exercise

February 4, 2018

It seems that every February I start getting excited about gardening. There must be some internal clock that I have developed since living in Northwest Washington that says ‘it’s time to garden!’ Well this year Skipper got to help setup.

About a week ago I purchased some plastic raised beds on amazon to set in the front yard. Hopefully, my neighbors don’t mind that looking at growing vegetables instead of beautiful flowers. Luckily, in the northwest I don’t think any one would care in the slightest. Moving the the garden beds up front allows my vegetables to get lots of sunshine and will make more room in the back yard for BBQ’s.

Since it wasn’t raining for once I decided to let Skipper hop around the yard while I worked.

Angora Rabbit
Skipper hoppin’ around

Of course he got curious about the new raised bed I was putting in.

Rabbit and Garden bed
Looking under…
Rabbit and Garden Bed
Looking over…
Rabbit and Garden Bed
And hopping off to the next adventure.

After about ten minutes I couldn’t see Skipper, he had been running around where I was working so when I couldn’t see him I got curious. I walked into the back yard where there are some carrots I’m letting go to seed and sure enough there he was nibbling on the carrots, wish I had my camera then! It was a very cliche rabbit moment.

After that I figured it was time to put him back in his cage. Since the grass was all wet I got a towel and dried him off as much as possible before putting him back.

Then I got out the wheelbarrow and moved around some dirt. Once the raised bed was mostly filled I added in the last 2 weeks of rabbit manure. According to an OSU flyer on managing manure Rabbit manure has an NPK of 2.4, 1.4, 0.6 making it a very beneficial contribution to the urban garden.

Raised garden bed
Dirt and rabbit manure mixed and ready

After that I added some garden top soil just to cover. Now I’m letting the dirt settle in and in a few days I will be out there planting some seeds. Under some garden cover of course.

Gardening in February is the best!

Happy Crafting!

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