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February 3, 2018

German Angora Rabbit
Skipper being a healthy bunny

My favorite newsletter Hand Spinning News had a section about Ethical wool this month ( January 2018)!

There are two threads one goes to a Ravelry discussion board (a fantastic discussion) and the other goes to a cute website out of Norway Aweebitknitty.

It is wonderful to see that people are concerned about ethical practices with wool. These voices are mainly from smaller farms but just like with the organic food movement and grass fed beef, small farmers are looking to better the world with their products.

It was also inspiring to see that some of these wool producers are strictly wool producers. Wool fetches a much lower price than meat, and you can get twice as much meat as wool. That means many producers rely on meat to make a living. Because I am new to farming, and I make a much better caretaker than butcher, it’s been very hard for me to figure out a way to get to my goal of full time farming. Knowing there are people out there who do not sell for meat gives me a bit of hope.

Check out Hand Spinning News!

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