Angora aka Ankara

February 3, 2018


Hanging out with Skipper today I started wondering about the origin of Angora rabbits. I know they are from Turkey, but that was about it. There are plenty of websites that talk about the history of Angora Rabbits, and some say that sailors visiting the city of Ankara took the angora rabbit to France where it became a popular pet.

That might be possible but the city of Ankara is in the mountains far from the Mediterranean, so I’ll assume it wasn’t sailors. But the country of Turkey has been a well traveled country given its location between Europe and the Middle East. The possibility of Angora rabbits being transported elsewhere is very high because of that alone. In my search I found a paper from Igdir, Turkey stating Abdul Hamid I gave Queen Marie Antoinette an angora rabbit circa 1770’s possibly starting a trend of rabbits as pets.

Raeburn, Henry - Boy and Rabbit - 1814
Raeburn, Henry Title: Boy and Rabbit 1814

 Also, there are three animals we attribute to the Ankara province; Angora Rabbits, Angora Goats, and Angora Cats. Apparently, the Ankara province had some pretty friendly animals if we have three different pets from there.

Quebec angora goat
White Turkish Angora cat with "odd eyes"




Turkey’s oldest industry is textiles and today 10% of our socks come from Turkey. But even more fun is this super earth friendly company that uses natural dyes and plants trees when you buy their yarn. Check out Urth Yarns from Turkey!

Well that is about has far has I got hanging out with Skipper in his rabbitry.


Ankara, Turkey

Thanks for the wonderful spinning wool Ankara!

Happy Crafting!

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