February 1, 2018

In hopes to have a safe and secure place to grow veggie starts and my German Angora rabbit I purchased a backyard greenhouse.

This particular greenhouse opens on both sides for easy access and air flow. And has several mosquito proof windows on the sides for air flow on hot summer nights.

Putting this together wasn’t too difficult. First, I laid out all of the parts. which in this case saved me! The instructions were very sparse. One example was the seemingly same pieces marked 2’s and 2A’s and the diagram only showed 2’s. Well, when I laid it out on the ground I was able to see that the 2’s were specific to the roof and the others were for the walls.

Piecing the greenhouse together
Always lay out the design first!

From there it was a matter of using a ladder to hold up the middle while I put the pieces in their place.

Using a ladder to hold the top middle while I attached the side pieces.
Setting up the greenhouse
Ash helping me set up the greenhouse.

After the poles were up I added the greenhouse cover. I had to wiggle the legs and stretch the tarp until it was taut around the poles. Then, I went in and attached all the Velcro ties to the poles.

Greenhouse setup
Greenhouse tarp covering the poles.

The hope was for it to go in the corner of our small backyard but it didn’t fit over the shed, which we may or may not remove. But I kinda like where it is because the back part will get sunlight for the vegetable starts. And the front will get shade from the apple trees, perfect for furry Angora bunnies.

German Angora Rabbit
Skipper scratching his back while waiting for his new setup in the greenhouse

My goal with this is to have a completely waterproof area for Skipper and a larger area to put cages for any new bunnies we may be getting this year.

Happy Crafting!

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