Shawl made with Fractal Yarn

January 27, 2018

Today I should have been focusing on writing a business plan but I really wanted to knit!

The knitting project I started in Texas is this  classic shawl by Klaras kreations a free knitting pattern on Ravelry. The problem I had while traveling with my knitting project was that it wasn’t printed and there was no way to mark my place in the pattern. I was using pictures of the pattern and couldn’t find a system to mark the pictures consistently.

That means when I sat down a week later to work on this project I had no idea where I was. Painful! I could have counted but I had messed up a row while on the plane. Which means counting the stitches may have been wrong too. Well, lesson learned mark your progress! I ripped out about 72 rows and started over, after I printed out the directions of course!

Mark your patterns!

On to the exciting part about this project! I’m using my fractal spun yarn and you can see how the secondary ply yarn is going through all of the colors; purple, green, coral. While the primary yarn still hasn’t changed from coral yet.

Knitting with fractal spun yarn

I’m very excited to see it finished and watch how the main colors change!

Happy Crafting!


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