5 things to do with Raw wool

January 24, 2018

In the business class last evening during conversations I was asked if I was selling raw wool or if I wanted to create a specific product. As a craftsman I love raw wool because then the possibilities are endless on what you can do!

Here are my personal top 5 things to do with raw wool:

  1. Hand Spinning, it’s probably the obvious one but whatever. When you Hand spin yarn you create a one of a kind material that you can then use in many more crafts. I have met some people that relax with knitting because it is calming and it keeps their hands busy. For me spinning does this. There is a rhythm you need as you treadle and then a new rhythm begins as you draft the fibers. If you keep these two rhythms it becomes a driving bass line, like a P. Funk song. To me that is relaxing.
Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel


2. Felt it! I’m new to this art but the things you find on pinterest or at Fiber festivals is amazing. Since I’m a garment person I enjoy felting wearables but you can also do many types of decorations. The history of felting is also very interesting! It’s from central Asia, specifically, Kazakhstan area. And instead of people spinning and weaving, think Europe & China, these nomadic people felted. They did this for their huts, carpets, clothing, and more. I’ll have to do a a whole post on this, the Kazakhstan tribes have a beautiful culture.

Nuno Felted scarf
Kazakhstan Rug
Framed Felted art. 

3. Machine Felt for garment accents. My new toy in the house right now is a fancy sewing machine that has this feature and of course Threads magazine did a special this month on machine felting.

Machine Felting for accents. See Threads Magazine for more.

4. Gardening! Bet you didn’t think this was a thing but it is. And a very innovative company out of North Carolina has created wool pellets for use in the garden. Wools natural properties of absorbing some water and wicking the rest away is a fantastic contribution to your soil. Add to that wool naturally decomposes and adds nutrients into your soil. This company makes official pellets and does testing, but currently, I just put the icky parts of the fleece into the worm bin.

Check out this new company!

5. Bedding or filler! Again wool has a natural ability to wick away moisture. If you sweat at night and you have a wool mattress or blanket this moisture wicks away from you. There is also use for it in pillows, cushions, coat linings, and many other things if you are creative. And the best part is again it is a natural product that will return to the earth with little impact.

Great company out of California that makes bedding!

For bedding I could show a picture of my scrap bin but it isn’t as pretty as the Holy Lamb Organics website. Any raw fibers that I don’t use in spinning or felting I throw in a box and when there is enough I make a pillow or add it to my dogs bed for more cushion.


Okay those are my 5 favorite things!

Happy crafting!

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