Spinning Skipper’s Wool

January 23, 2018

Angora Wool
Skipper’s 3″ locks with a slight crimp for more luster and shine in the finished yarn.

I’ve been needing to spin something and officially my next project is the Lincoln locks but I still haven’t been able to wash it yet. What I do have laying around though is Skipper’s wool I just trimmed.

To film this I put on these spy glasses I got online with a camera on them. Kinda creepy but I’m only using them to film things when I need both my hands. Turns out this camera isn’t that great for indoor images thus it is in black and white.


Angora wool that I’ve spun from top roving is slippery and pulls right out of your hands, especially if you have been spinning sheep’s wool for awhile. With this in mind I started off spinning the wheel very slowly and had very low tension.

Low tension, to me and my newbie-ness, means how quickly the bobbin wants to pull in the yarn. Yes, there are more techie ways to say it. The tension breaks the spin of the bobbin causing a difference in spins and thus creates a pull that winds the bobbin. Well, I adjusted it to where I practically had to push the starting yarn into the orifice of the bobbin. And that totally worked! Because this wool moves like running water it still pulled the angora wool in evenly. Being new I broke it a few times but not as often as if I had had a higher tension.

Yeah hand spinning my Skipper’s wool! Thank you Skip!!

Happy Crafting!

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