Skipper’s First Coat

January 22, 2018

Angora Rabbit
Skipper looking out of the screen door from his rabbit run wanting to play in the yard.

Arrrgh! Of course coming back from Texas I get a cold! Yuck! I think I’m mostly better now just a few coughs still. I’ve been chugging the halls for this cold I swear if I don’t have a Halls nearby my throat immediately starts to tickle. It’s even getting in the way of drinking coffee, and as a Northwesterner I feel this is the worst punishment ever!!!

Well enough about me, I thought since my hyperactivity is on the down-low I would share some older pictures of Skipper. The first time I sheared Skipper was back in November 2017. And I made him some rabbit jackets. They are super easy to make, it is basically a trapezoid where the top needs to be the width of his neck and the sides the length of his body.

Rabbit coat
Trapezoid, with top being the width of rabbits neck & length being the rabbits length.

The bottom part of the trapezoid doesn’t matter too much. You only sew about a 5-inch section, this leaves the back part open for their hind legs to move and so the rabbit can still get to their cecotropes.

My first attempt at making this I made it too snug for Skipper. You want it to close to their skin for better protection and to keep them from eating it off but there is no need to strangle them or have them uncomfortable. I threw one jacket away and the other I made slightly bigger by cutting the neck opening bigger. To construct the jacket you put the fuzzy warm side to the inside and fold your trapezoid in half length wise.

Fleece jacket for Rabbits
Fuzzy side to the inside. Seam to the outside.

Then you serge or use an overcast stitch to close the seam. By making my mistake the first time, I recommend starting about 2″ from the neck edge and stitching about 5-inches then tie off.

Sewing the Rabbit Jacket
About 1/2″ seam allowance

Once that is done cut two X’s where the rabbits front arms would be. Use X’s instead of circles because it allows the rabbits more movement. With fleece it does not rip easily thus if you cut a circle there will be areas of tension. With an X it is almost like there is already a run in the fabric and thus if the rabbit is having a mobility issue the fleece should give way.

Rabbit Fleece Jacket
Skipper showing off his Fleece jacket with X’s cut for his arm holes. And that is Ash, our dog, in the back protecting us from squirrels

Well that is all there is to it, if you want a template check out the IAGARB website.

Happy Crafting!

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