Lincoln Locks

January 10, 2018

Ewes in pasture
Picture courtesy of:

At Fiber Fusion in Monroe, WA I purchased three fleeces. One of them was a second place fleece of a Lincoln ewe from Sand Hill Farms.

Fleece stats
Red Ribbon for second place at Fiber Fusion. This is the tag that goes with the fleece

I wanted to work with Lincoln wool because that was the sheep that made me fall in love with being a shepherd. The ewe I met was at the Cattleman’s Expo in Stanwood, and she was so relaxed and strangely smart when I walked her around the pen. I also have wanted to spin a long haired breed and these locks are about 5-6″ which is way more than I am used to!

Having learned from my first experience I rolled out the fleece onto my kitchen table and skirted it. I’ve read somewhere to remove about 2″ all the way around the fleece but when I open this fleece it seemed very clean.

4 lb fleece
Fleece rolled out on table, with a pile in the back that wasn’t attached to the main fleece.

I just found the one area that I do not want to spin at all!

Wool with pooh
I know probably not something you want on your table… I scrubbed  the table afterwards

After skirting I thought I would measure 8 oz sections. That way I can wash it appropriately, 1 lb wool: 20 gallons water, and I can also do it in stages. Instead of everything at once

Measuring the wool
Weighing the Lincoln Locks

Isis, our Manx cat, decided to assist in measuring.

Weighing Lincoln fleece
Isis assisting

Now it is all measured and awaiting being washed, combed, spun, and used in a project.


Happy Crafting!



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