I’ve got Worms!

January 5, 2018

Red wigglers
Coconut Coir as worm bedding and a pile of worms from my local nursery

For Christmas this year I decided to buy myself a worm bin. Not exactly diamonds or fancy clothes but I haven’t truly had a worm bin since we moved into our home three years ago.

I purchased the bin off of amazon, I tried to buy it locally but it seems the worm condo style is not available. When I started vermiculture I used the two bin method with holes in the bottom and that worked great. But this time around I liked the idea of having something that could be in the kitchen and easily handled, a large bin full of dirt is not light.

I purchased the Vermihut and it came with instructions and coconut coir. The instructions were fantastic! It isn’t very hard to raise worms but the instructions gave you hints on being more efficient and some great ideas to start your farm off right. One of the recommendations was to put a light in the very bottom of the hut so that when you bring your worms home and they want to burrow to get out they see the light and decide to stay in the bin. I loved this idea and so right now I have a headlamp sitting in the liquid catch tray, hopefully it doesn’t get covered in worm liquid very quickly.

Well I put in the coconut coir bedding added the worms, some chopped up pumpkin, and some dirt, then covered everything with strips of the paper bag the worms came in. Since they had a rather crazy experience traveling here I will leave them alone for a few weeks. And since they hate light I’m guessing opening the lid will do more damage then good. So I will try to forget I have them for awhile.

Yay Worms!!

Red Wigglers
Red Wigglers from Sky Nursery in their Coconut Coir Bed inside the Vermihut

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