Love at first Crochet

December 2, 2017

First time with yarn back in 2002


Good Morning,

I’m sitting out with Skipper, my first German Angora Rabbit, listening to the rain and remembering how I started down the road of fiber arts.

It was October 2016 and my mother-in-law needed to live with us for a few months. Both of us love sewing so I was excited to have another sewing craftsman in the house.

One evening as we were lounging in the living room and she brings out some yarn and a crochet hook. I asked her about it and she said she wanted to add a crocheted edging to a garment.

I then proceeded to tell her my horror story of the first and only time I tried knitting. How my friend and I, 10 years previous, decided to try knitting a scarf. We spent the afternoon smoking, watching movies and knitting and I was almost done! That’s when my friends Papillon puppy decided it was time to go crazy. He started running around the room, and thought it would be a good game of chase if he grabbed my ball of yarn and ran down the hallway. To my extreme dismay what took me hours to complete became a very large tangled mess of yarn in seconds.

So i swore off ever doing yarn projects because they could be destroyed in seconds. But I guess the saying ‘never say never’ really does apply to us all. Because here I am watching her crochet a beautiful edging for an elegant silk house robe and wondering, could it really be that scary?

The next day I was trying to relax after work and I didn’t want to work on my cross-stitch project. See I am unable to just sit, I have to fidget with something and up until this point if I wasn’t sewing I would cross-stitch, but cross-stitch was getting cumbersome for me. That’s when I started pondering about trying crochet.

My first concern was how expensive? Well if I went to my local library I could get a ‘how to’ book for free. And according to Joann fabrics website hooks and yarns would be under $20. Thus, I took my first trip to get supplies for crocheting.

And I suppose the rest is history. I couldn’t stop crocheting. By the time Christmas rolled around I crocheted everyone in the family a gift and I was giving projects away at work.

When my mother told me my Great Grandma Wiseman was an avid crocheter, I got even more excited! Add to that my love of caring for animals and my new hobby blossomed into ‘what I want to do with the rest of my life’ moment.

There you have it, my story of how fiber arts and I first met.

-Happy crafting!

Skipper at 6 months enjoying coffee time with mom.

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